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Introduction to Healing Services

I am a holistic practitioner specializing in alternative healing practices. In my practice, I offer therapeutic sessions (in-person or via telephone) integrating physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual modalities designed to assist individuals through various life challenges involving physical and emotional losses, life changes, and transitional healing processes.

As a certified intuitive healer, life coach, and spiritual mentor, I guide you towards a spiritual life path to divine enlightenment and awareness by acquainting you with various symbolic methods and tools for spiritual growth and transformation. By seeing the value of going beyond traditional therapy models and healing your body’s energy system, wellness occurs at a deeper level, generally requiring fewer treatment sessions.

Reiki Energy Work Practitioner

Since 1997, I’ve been blessed with initiation into the sacred realm of reiki ~ entering into the Usui lineage as a Reiki Master / Teacher. I offer reiki treatment sessions, utilizing a variety of healing tools and techniques to awaken your body’s healing process.

The use of aromatherapy, tuning forks, and Tibetan bowls are a few of those tools which serve in reawakening cellular tissue, encouraging the opening of your energy lines within and around your body.

Why Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient, Japanese natural healing modality which means “universal – life force energy”. This life force energy is referred to as ‘chi’, ‘prana’, ‘ki’, or by another term, depending on the culture in which it’s used.

Reiki is spiritual in nature; therefore, there is no religious belief associated with accepting and being open to receiving. In fact, many folks find that reiki adds an additional spiritual component to their religious practices.

Many who utilize my services have a desire to improve their lives on multiple levels. Some have suffered from chronic conditions and wish to engage their body’s wisdom thru the use of reiki via attending a workshop and /or a series of reiki healing treatment sessions.

Others may be seeking spiritual enrichment in order to improve the quality of their spiritual connections with their religious practices or to simply feel more spiritually connected with the universe overall.

Once the attunement process occurs ~ you always have ready access to reiki healing energy for yourself and/or others. Reiki will assist you with your healing process from simply having a challenging day to daily self-application to initiate the body’s innate need to ‘be in balance’ ~ free from physical illness and other obstacles, emotionally and mentally.

The healing benefits of reiki have also extended to pets and often creates a very pleasant, peaceful connection between a pet and its’ owner.

The following benefits are associated with reiki:

Eases stress / promotes relaxation
Restores balance, health & harmony
Helps to clear old emotional upsets and distresses
Promotes mental clarity and focus
Provides comfort during grief processes
Offers peace to the terminally ill
Promotes self-awareness
Supports all other healing modalities
Enhances body’s natural healing ability
Assists with relieving physical ailments / pain
Used to treat one self and others
Anyone can learn Reiki

Distance Healing (Absentia) Services

I offer two choices for distance healing:

1. Telephone session by appointment only

2. Absentia session by agreed appointment time

Distance (Absentia) healing may be transmitted to those who live in other parts of the USA or the world. Distance healing is highly effective because the method used concentrates the focus of electro-magnetic healing directly to the part(s) of your body with the greatest need.

This service is beneficial for those individuals who are unable to travel ~ those who may be in home-care, hospitals, or other institutions who have a desire to complement allopathic medicine with alternative treatments.

Generally, an overall sense of well-being, calm, & peace are the result of this type of healing.

Energetic Scan and Spiritual Life Reading

If you’re experiencing a life transition, spiritual crisis or some other meaningful life changing event ~ this may be the service for you.

As I gently enter into your subtle energy field, I begin to receive valuable information which I deliver to you in a session designed to open up a spiritual dialogue, assisting your healing process and providing clarity with life decisions and choices.


There are 3 degrees (levels) of initiation/attunement culminating with certification as a Usui Reiki Master.

Usui Reiki I

Prerequisite: None

Journeying into the Reiki realm begins here with a 4-hour, custom-designed, private workshop session. Your session will include the following:

· A 50+ page professional manual
· Reiki history, precepts, and principles
· Overview of 7 main chakras
· Reiki treatment protocol ~ self and others
· Receive attunement and practice exercises
· Many tools to assist in enhancing your electro-magnetic energy field
· A beautiful certificate suitable for framing

Usui Reiki II

Prerequisite: Usui Reiki I

The second degree or level works primarily with absentia healing. On a personal level, this level works with clearing emotional disruptions within your energy field, further enhancing your healing process and raising your electromagnetic vibrations.

Your 4-hour, custom-designed, private workshop session will include the following:

· A 50+ page professional manual
· Focuses on healing others using distance/absentia healing
· Introduction to 3 Usui Reiki symbols, their meaning & uses
· Learn about 7 layer auric body system
· Receive attunements and practice exercises
· A beautiful certificate suitable for framing

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