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"Invest in your Mind, Body, and Spirit -
they are your greatest assets"


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Stored within our physical body's system are various emotions, beliefs, and patterns of thought that sometimes create imbalances in our energy systems. Our body's and minds depend on good energy management to function at their optimum levels. We have available to us a wide range of possibilities to balance our body's energy system. Within this system is recorded the wisdom to self-correct those "blocks" that create physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual illness.



FL State License # MA24907
National Certification # 55789

NCBTMB Approved Provider
# 450731-08
for Reiki I & Reiki II classes

My work offers you the opportunity to complement
allopathic approaches to wellness
by harnessing your internal well of wisdom to inspire and rejuvenate your spiritual energy center. It is in the process of doing the healing work that the real spiritual work is achieved.

Faith Bell, M.S., LMT


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